Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Menopause Blog: So Where'd Yah Go?

I think January 2005 was the first time. But to be really honest, I was part way through February before I took real notice. And even then, I couldn't be sure.

You see, I'd never been a stickler for dates and details. You might say that I kind of took things for granted. And even though I had tried to put small red dots on my calendar each month, sometimes I forgot. Or didn't use my red pen. Or used another calendar.

Loose. Yes, I had a loose arrangement with my monthly. And now my monthly was playing loose with me.

As February froze into March, I knew that something was up. My rocket science method of detection was my tampax box, purchased just before Christmas. It was still unopened. Proof of something missing by something not missing.

I started blurting out the fact that my period had done disappeared at every opportunity. Dog walks, lunch, neighbour gatherings. It was like I was hoping that someone had seen it, maybe even borrowed mine and intended on giving it back. But beyond my blurt, little was said or offered.

I grew nostalgic. Sad even. Four hundred and twenty consecutive months of togetherness and whamo.


Just like that.

Not even a note.

Sue Richards

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