Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe the four hundred and twenty consecutive months weren't perfectly consecutive and neatly spaced apart in 28 day parcels. And maybe, just maybe, I wasn't always 'one' with my period.

But that wasn't really the point I was trying to make anyway.

My point was, three months with not a spot, not a cramp, not anything I could put my finger on that said, "You are now in Peri-menopause Sue" was a bit hard to wrap my head around.

At this point you might say..."okay, so no stained underwear, no deep, gnawing pain that lasts for hours and you've got a problem with that?"


but yes.

I wanted someone, something, to maybe read out a fluid level report that said, "Your tank is running dry honey."

Then I realized. My hair was offering me just such a report.

My hair was 'different'. The soft texture and full body that was my personal point of pleasure was replaced, almost instantly, with a crop.

Perhaps a head covered with straw.

Maybe hay.

Hay hair 'is' like a report

Sue Richards


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