Monday, July 11, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Winning The Time Lottery

I have been, historically speaking, a woman of boundless energy.

In the last several months I became a woman bound with exhaustion. Apparently, hormonal shifts will do that to you.

My drop in energy boggled my mind. And up until a few short months ago, my sluggish ways pissed me off.
I was angry. With myself. For something that was not controllable by me or my snappy little mind.

Thankfully, I know that there is ALWAYS another way of looking at everything. So I started looking.

Since changing my energy seemed impossible, I decided to looked at my attitude about my energy to see if an adjustment was in order. Ah yes, ye ole attitude adjustment solution. Often as clear as the nose on my face. But invisible unless you have and use a mirror.

It only took a quick look before I found a new perspective.

Rather than continue fighting with myself, I slowed down and I found a new pace that matched my current energy level.

Funny thing. When I live with the energy that I have, I rarely feel exhausted. In fact, I mostly feel like I've won The Time Lottery.

My days are longer when they're not crammed up with stuff. Who would of thunk?

Sue Richards


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