Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Shape Shifting

I like to wear loose clothes. Stretchy loose. But every now and then, an occasion beckons and I find myself shoe horning myself into something more restrictive.

Such was the case on Saturday. An outdoor wedding in the country, attended by a couple hundred of Guelph's most creative, seemed the perfect venue for one of my vintage dress.

Specifically, my 1950's, Lucy Ball, black and white polka-dotted number. Very form fitting up top with a big swishy skirt.

I've owned and worn this dress for 15 years. It's a beauty. And it seemed perfect for the occasion.


There was no way in hell that I could crush my boobs enough to:

  1. Get the zipper up.
  2. Breath.
  3. Move.
My understanding of the shape shifting peri-menopausal body did not include becoming more top heavy. In fact, I've been told that I will slowly become a pear. Or rather the shape of a pear.

With sadness, I hung Lucy back in the closet. Instead, I chose my 1970's stretchy, Polly-Ester full length gown with the GIANT GREEN FLOWER applique. Purchased at good ole Value Village while on a wild ice berg hunting expedition in Newfoundland.

But Lucy. I loved Lucy.

Sue Richards


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