Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Menopause Blog: New Age Middle Aged

Very likely, someone who didn't know me well, would lump me under the category of New Age. Even though I roll my eyes at the term and don't listen to sounds of the seashore on my iPod while staring at a crystal, enough whonky ideas come out of my mouth to give some folks that impression. Still, let me be clear. I don't own an iPod. I go to the beach for an authentic wave listening experience. And crystals need dusting.

I don't dust.

Still, I lean towards organic food, a non-medical model of health care, soul searching, the odd wind chime and a belief system that sees us all as interconnected.

I also think in terms of energy. Some people's energy suck the life out of me as soon as they come into my range. Other's fill me to the brim. Same experience applies to events and work. Before taking on anything, be it a walk with a friend or a work contract, I do the energy math before going forward.

One of the head honchos in the energy world way of thinking is Dr.Caroline Myss. I saw her whip a room of 1200 into a frenzy a couple years back during a talk she did in Toronto. Besides being stand up comic quality, she's quick to call your number when she sees it. Another words, she calls a spade, a spade. I love spade callers.

Yesterday, this insight of Carolyn's made it into my in box.

"What’s true is that the New Age is not new any more. It’s “middle aged” and it needs to mature and shed its “healer, victim consciousness, narcissistic” image and evolve into its next level of maturity."
Further down she adds:
"Never mind saying, I know I was meant to do something special - THEN DO IT!!!! STOP SAYING THAT ALREADY!!!! ENOUGH! Begin with blessing the life you have and every one in it and making conscious choices every day that put your spiritual life into practice IN THE MIDST OF THE BATTLEFIELD OF YOUR LIFE AND NOT THE SPA OR THE YOGA CLASS!!
There you have it. A spade.

Sue Richards

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