Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Going Without the Flow

I'm prone to being positive. Not artificially so. More pragmatic-like. I want to suffer the least amount possible in my day to day so I search for the attitude, belief and behaviour that will give me that outcome.

It's pretty simple. Why cause pain for myself? Life is naturally painful enough without me adding to it.

So when my period disappeared for three months, I tried to go 'without' the flow. I wasn't really in a knot so much as plunged into a place of reflection and contemplation. My mother, aunts and grandmother's have long since passed away so I had no one to call up and probe with questions. It was me and my missing menses.

When April rolled around and my period came back, sluggish, tail between it's legs, I was overjoyed. Kind of like getting together with an old flame that you loved but shared bad timing with.

Indeed, just like the process of rekindling the dying embers of a relationship, I could tell that my period, although technically back, had one foot out the door. There was not going to be any romantic reunion, sunset ride or happily-ever -after.

We were breaking up.

We were going our separate ways.

Sue Richards


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