Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Menopause Blog: The Blame Game

One of my wise friends is able to succinctly sum up just about every negative situation I find myself in with a simple reflective statement.

"The shit you see in others is the same shit you carry within yourself."

There's something insidious about our own shit. But there's also something quite liberating about identifying it.

It's really easy to blame what I don't like about myself on menopause. It's also lame and useless. Much better if I change my attitude and accept menopause for what it is.

In fact, blaming in general is useless really. It doesn't matter if menopause gets the bad rap or if it's the kids, the man, the lover, the boss, the mailperson...the outcome is the same. Negative not positive.

I've noticed as the year's tick by, I prefer to live with less tension in my life. I started asking myself this question. Do I want to live above the line or below?


Shifting my energy above the line will instantly improve every relationship I have for the better.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Sue Richards



Blogger Lisa said...

Great post. I so often live below the line because its so easy to blame. I need to learn how live above the line. Maturity is a bitch.

12/06/2005 07:22:00 PM  
Blogger Sue Richards said...


Great comment.



12/07/2005 04:27:00 PM  

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