Friday, January 20, 2006

My Menopause Blog: Saliva Test Found

All is not lost.

Two women have come forward with Saliva Test information. Both are leading me to the same test which I will follow up on in due time. I'm more curious than ever to learn how my hormone levels will stack up and what else I can do to support myself through the pause.

I like it when two people, unknown to each other, end up endorsing the same thing. There is comfort in numbers and satisfaction in knowing that if ye seek, ye shall find. Unless of course it's a damn photo of a hippo footprint ye are seeking. Then, it's seek until you turn blue and then weep with frustration.

Quickly, because I don't want to give this more ice time than it deserves, I've been nattering with myself all week about 'getting behind'. The result of such self bitching serves me poorly.

Finally, yesterday, while doing Little Boat Pose at my yoga class, I made reference to the 'behind' belief and my yoga instructor said, "getting behind what"? She went on to suggest (once again, because this is a tricky yet liberating concept that needs repeating), the idea of getting behind implies that you are currently not where you are suppose to be. When in fact, where you are is where you are, which must be where you are suppose to be. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

For an instant, that so far, has been held over to today, I am no longer behind. I'm here.

Sue Richards

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