Monday, October 31, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Change

So many people tell me they hate change.

Which must mean they really hate life. After all, life is constantly in a state of change.

Everything in the world is changing every second of everyday. Right down to the cellular level. All the hate in the world ain't going to stop that. In fact, my bet is that by hating change, we just make matters worse. For ourselves. And everyone around us.

Could this be why some women have such a hard time with menopause?

Sue Richards


Blogger LAmom said...

Predictability gives us a feeling of control. We don't like losing control.

One of the things that hasn't started with me yet is menstrual irregularity. The only change I've had in periods is seeing them get shorter and lighter than usual (I know, everybody's jealous). All my life I've known when my period was coming, how long it would last, and how much I would bleed. When the time comes that it starts "interrupting my plans" because of an erratic schedule or flooding, it will be much more of a challenge to accept it gracefully.

11/01/2005 11:01:00 AM  

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