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My Menopause Blog: Body Types

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The Great Bathers (The Nymphs) 1919

Painter: Augusta Renoir

Less than 90 year's ago, these women were deemed voluptuously beautiful. The ideal body image of the times involved flesh, love handles and rolls of womanliness.

Did our body image ideals change because people were concerned about women's health? Or does motivating the female population to chase the skinny mini, big breasted body type so coveted by today's society, generate more money making opportunities in the marketplace?

Sue Richards

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Blogger Michael said...

I don't have any answers on that one Sue. Isn't skinny and big-breasted a contradiction? The archetypal 'skinnies', Twiggy and the Shrimp, were not big breasted, although Holywood has tried to push that as an ideal. Fortunately many small-breasted women like Gwyneth Paltrow have demonstrated that size does not matter when it comes to beauty.

Anyway,once afgain, thank you for colouring our world and linking menopause and art. First Rubens, now Renoir, does imply a theme. This one is from his Pearly (nacree en francais) phase (1889-1919), women as round, fleshy and colourful fruit. Women don't age, they mature like fruit or wine. Auguste Pierre Renoir, living on the Riviera, revelled in the effect of light on the skin. Many of his models were family, friends, and particularly domestic help. When a new nanny came to be interviewed, Renoir insisted ontaking her outside in to the sunshine and observing how the light fell on her skin, before committing himself to hiring. Gabrielle Renard, his wife Aline's cousin and nurse to the children, was perhaps the best known of these.


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