Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Men

Currently, I'm surrounded by men. Not like 'breathing down my neck' surrounded but within ear shot.

This is a bit unusual for me. Most days, I work in solitude, quietly pecking away at my computer only to emerge at the end of the day and fly off to the post office. Then it's back to my humble abode for more solitude.

My 13 new windows require installation. And as seems to be the case, men do that line of work. Hence the close proximity of men in my world at this moment.

I like men. I like how different men think from women. Such clean, uncluttered thoughts. I find listening to guys share their take on the world an easy pleasure.

My window guys are no exception. Smart, perceptive, kind young men who are proud of the work they do. No doubt they loved the homemade chocolate chip cookies I baked this morning. And the Mexican Espresso coffee. But I think they also feel safe with me. I'm not judging them. Or wishing them to be different. Rather I'm appreciating them on multiple levels and letting them tell me what they will.

My Calendar Girl blog post for today touches on men too. Mike Bullard, a Canadian celebrity funny, talk show guy, offered a sage comment in this mornings paper about men and women. I couldn't resist a response.

What does this have to do with men-o-pause? Not much. Or maybe everything. In the last few days, since writing my prune posting, I've had several private emails from men urging me not to worry. Some disputing the theory of 'dry up and blow away' and some with a 'so what, prune or not, you're great' message.

Thanks men. You're making men-o-pause easier.

Sue Richards


Anonymous Michael said...

Well I will confess to being one of those men. And yes, you are great, no matter which side of the pause line you lie. Life has many landmarks which deserve recognition. Not all religions celebrate puberty, but some do. To make bookends we should celebrate the departure of the period, as we celebrate spring and then autumn, the coming and the going. Out with one phase of our lives, and in with a new, equally vigorous. Not all may relate to one term that has been coined, croning.

And, yes I like your open transcendant attitude to gender, like Martin Luther King expostulating on the enriched harmonies if you use both the black and the white keys. Vive la difference, vive l'addition!

10/21/2005 08:04:00 PM  

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