Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Estrogen Level

So here I am, on a rainy day, looking out my new office window, thinking about my estrogen level.

I'm imagining I have a dip stick just like my 66 Chevy has. Very easy to find with a red handle and a really long wand. When I pull it out, only the tip is wet. The marker says ADD A QUART.

Right then.

A low estrogen dip stick reading may offer the following life experiences for you as a menopausal woman.

  • Skin thinning and wrinkling.
  • Vagina dryness and constriction that may make intercourse painful. More susceptible to infections too.
  • Urinary tract ­ more susceptible to infection and the loss of muscle tone can cause incontinence.
  • Gum inflammation and a higher risk of tooth loss.
That's enough good news for one day don't you think?

More glad tidings about the exciting world of estrogen will be forth coming over the next few posts. I'll try to be as gentle as possible.

Sue Richards


Blogger Lisa said...

Don't forget about the havoc that estogen levels play on emotions. As someone who has suffered from depression for over 20 years you cannot imagine what it's been like to get the estrogen levels right. I have been on 4 different types of HRT in the past 10 months. I have nothing to produce estrogen so I have to rely on a patch or a pill. So far the estrogen with testostorone seems to be working.

I really hate menopause some days.

11/09/2005 10:52:00 PM  

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