Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Weapons of Mass Destruction

One would think, that since we can put a couple of men on the moon just because it beckons, we could figure out how to accurately and easily test our hormone levels.

Let's face it, hormones, unlike the old man in the moon, threaten world peace every minute of everyday. This constant and known issue should be a priority to national security forces around the world.

I realize that national security is mostly comprised of men and men's hormone's play a different game. But these men have mothers, perhaps wives, maybe daughters, all of them moving towards or in menopause. This must be the ultimate Homeland Security issue sitting right smack dab in your house. In fact, this menace could be sharing your bed.

Listen up fellows, let's be frank. We, the menopausal women of the world, have weapons of mass destruction. They are not hidden in a cave somewhere in the Canadian Shield. We are each carrying. Holding. Packing a wad.

We would like to continue living our lives without fear of killing you or being depressed. We do not want to be given a 'silver bullet' that will cause other ugly symptoms or disease. We seek balance, naturally, safely.

We admit this freely to you in the hopes that you will put a bit of your problem solving nature into motion with the following:

  1. Saliva Hormone Testing has been around for 30 years and has not been embraced by the medical community. Studies show that this affordable test, done in the comfort of your own home is accurate at determining hormone levels. Saliva testing plays a key role in bio-identical hormone replacement, an individualized, low dose form of natural HRT. Please launch Operation Spit Test and encourage the medical community to learn about this form of testing and bio-identical hormone replacement now.
My menopause is not your menopause. Difficult as it may sound, one size pill/patch or cream does not fit all. We are unique creatures, all of us.

For those women who want a full menu of meno treatment options, we need individual testing and individualized, natural hormone replacement. Since you guys seem to be running the joint, would you mind looking into that for us.

Sue Richards



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