Monday, January 09, 2006

My Menopause Blog: Bioidentical Hormone Relacement

She may have been mid 60's. Or perhaps early 70's. We were strangers at the same function, mourning the loss of a friend.

The small living room was filled with other women, all of various ages. As often happens, my occupation as a breast calendar publisher and writer was being bounced around the room by one of the calendar models, also in attendance. Breast cancer, breast feeding, nudity, sexuality, menopause....all these words were finding their way into the conversation.

As I walked by her chair to grab some food, she reached out, grabbed my arm and pulled me in. In one of those loud whispers she said:

"Dear, are you have difficulty with 'something' "?

Me:" 'Something'?"

Her: "You know, with 'that time'".

Me: Pausing, my mind searching desperately for the code breaker.

Her: Pulling me in even closer, sharpening her voice. "Menopause, are you having difficulty with menopause"?

Me: Laughing as I straighten up."No, not problems, I'm simply amazed by how little I know and how reluctant people are to talk".

Her: Grinning, like a cat with a mouse. "Do you know about the itching"?

Me: "Itching"?

Her: Eyes cast towards her crotch then widening as she looked me square in the eye. "Twelve years, I itched so bad that I couldn't stand it. Dry too. Dry, dry, dry. Terrible. Sex was impossible. Six months ago, I got some cream and now I'm a new woman!" Her face lit up like a girl. "The Doctor says it's all natural stuff. Mixed up specifically for me. I can't remember the name of the cream. Wonderful Doctor. " Pause. "I hope I'm not being stupid."

Me: "Is it 'Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy"?

Her: Nearly leaping out of the chair. "Yes!!!!! yes, that's it!!!"

Me: "I think you've made a wise choice for yourself."

Sue Richards

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first time I heard about that stuff was from Suzanne Sommers. When I mentioned it to my doctor, she all but thought I was stupid. I'm storing the information for when the time comes. Thanks.

1/09/2006 06:30:00 PM  

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