Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Menopause Blog: Her Hot Flashes

This is Tannis, my dear friend. We've been pals for over 20 years. Up until recently, we both suffered from perpetual coldness. Frozen feet, hands like ice blocks with a general blue quality to our skin for most of our charming yet chilly Canadian seasons. Now, thanks to menopause, all that's changed.

Several times last evening, Tannis achieved the perfect temperature. Unfortunately, she also surpassed that temperature and quickly had to rid herself of extra layers thanks to the intense boil of her hot flashes. But overall, she believes that her body comfort level has improved from her former, popsicle-like reality.

This would be an example of the 'silver lining of menopause.'

Watching someone else have a hot flash was most interesting. Tannis demonstrated her trademark form of swift action with a steadfastness and calm that I've grown to love over the years. Clothes came off, clothes went on, clothes came off, song was played, clothes went on, laughter, song, off, on and so it went.

I learned much from her in the few hours we hung out together. And I will be making a greater effort to research some natural, effective, hot flash support for my hotter friend than me.

Sue Richards

About the photo: I have a new Canon A610 5 Mega Pixel camera that I'm messing around with. Part of the messing involves editing, shifting contrast, changing saturation points and all that fun stuff.

This photo is a story that goes beyond what you see. Tannis is working on a new song for her next album. She is mesmerized yet inspired by my new woodstove which has been burning none stop for 4 days. She's sitting on the stool that I bought from a North Bay furniture maker in the summer of 1977, on the same day Elvis died. The kettle on the stove is hissing gently.

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