Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Menopause Blog: Improv Menopause

Although I'm a dog person, I live the life of a cat. I have had multiple lives.

During one of my previous lives, maybe in around 1999 - 2001 give or take, involved me doing something quite daring. I studied Improv at Second City in Toronto, then in turn taught what I learned to grade four, five and sixes, from schools throughout my province, Ontario. So taken by the power of what I was learning, I became an improv evangelist. I even started a bi-monthly comedy club in my city, hiring a crew of pros from Second City to put on the show, in an old school gym that I rented and licensed. What glorious, positive fun we had.

Then life took a turn and another life chapter began. I've lost count. Could be nearing nine.

Yesterday, I purchased a book recommended by my yoga instructors husband, a practicing meditator and Buddhist who I admire and trust. The title: Improv Wisdom.

Today, I'm all puffed up.

It's a skinny little book. All the better really, given the premise. "Don't Prepare, Just Show Up".

Image. Just friggin show up. As yourself. You. No one else. And pay attention. Look around. See what you see. Then look again and see what you don't see.

This alone will make you appear unique because everyone else is so busy trying to be something that they're not, that being who you really are will stand out.

How handy. Aging and menopause just got way easier.

Sue Richards

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Blogger QueenBitch said...

How cool that you had the opportunity to work with Second City and go on to make it more accessible to others! The Improv Wisdom book sounds great too...will have to check it out.

12/23/2005 09:17:00 AM  

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