Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Menopause Blog: Use Prior Knowledge

Screw resolutions.

I mean what's the point. Most resolutions are based on myth: diets works; false information: the world is fair; and sheer insanity: controlling daily drinking binges is a simple case of mind over matter.

Making a declaration to change may have good intentions all over it, but unless common sense and prior knowledge is applied in the resolving, the entire process is a complete setup for failure and despair.

The things we do that we feel remorse over are not the problems. They are the symptoms of a deeper issue. Until we recognize that piece of gold, we can resolute until we're blue in the face. And fail. Which adds to our remorse and our cycle.

Rather, lets review what we've learned so far in life, state that increased knowledge publicly and then evolve.

Like grow.


These are three things I know.

  1. Diets are a sham. Most people over eat for emotional reasons. Address the real issue.
  2. The world is not fair. You can behave fairly, but that does not guarantee others behavior.
  3. Daily drinking to the point of displaying disruptive behaviour is a sign of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease. Go see your doctor.
Menopausal women have an important purpose in our society. We have a wealth of human experience and wisdom that is unique to us. It is our job to share that understanding with the youth of today. Consuming ourselves with trivial, shallow, soul and energy sucking shit wastes opportunity, damages relationships and sets an example that does not contribute positively to our world on any level.

Remember. When you are old and infirmed, unable to wipe your own butt, what type of person do you want assisting you? Now do the math. She's likely that 10 year old sitting on the couch. And she's watching you.

Sue Richards

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