Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Menopause Blog: Vote

On Monday, Canadians go to the polls.

At least, Canadians could go to the polls. Yet for many reasons, only 60% of Canadians go...the other 40% don't bother.

If you fall into the 40% category, please jump ship and join the 60% tribe. If you feel your voice is not heard due to our stupid, 'first past the post' system of counting ballots, you have two party choices as far as I can see. Both the Green Party and the NDP claim that they will work toward getting 'proportional representation' in place. This alone would be a very big improvement for folks that see the world as a buffet of differences and believe in a triple bottom line rather than a cut and dry view of right and wrong underlined with the belief that money is everything.

If you are tired of the three national parties and their talking heads, then a vote for the Green Party will elevate their numbers above the 'leader can be invited to televised debates' cut off mark and at least improve the dialogue for the 'next' election.

So there. Two reasons to go mark your ballot.


Pretty please.

Sue Richards

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