Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Menopause Day: Orangeness Day

So you know and can prepare yourself for one of my personal favorite days of the year, tomorrow, January 26th, is Orangeness Day.

The colour. Not the fruit or the funny religious connotation.

Orangeness Day was invented by me, with an assist going to a newspaper guy I love reading. Scott Tracey has a knack with the English language that few can claim. He works in my town, writing for our local rag.

You do not need to get permission to make up dates if you publish a calendar. It's one of the perks of the job. All you have to do is simply publish the date and voila, everyone who owns your calendar knows to celebrate.

Clever eh??

Good way to plant cheery thoughts and fun activities throughout the year. Then, slowly but surely, take over the WWW, followed by the world, then the universe...just by directing peoples thoughts with a calendar!!! (Not so evil laugh).

Right then.

You may have noticed that I lean towards self-authority in many areas of my life...not to mention grand delusions. I've never been one to get permission. Too much red tape, people saying no because they're boring...stuff like that. Besides, who would you ask about something like a day that celebrates my favorite bright warm colour, in the dead of winter.

Me: Hello, is this the office of Making Up Dates For Nice Colours.

As you can see already, this will go nowhere. Especially if you don't believe orange to be nice.

So, Orangeness Day gives you the option of Overt to bottom draping. Internal Orangeness....warm thoughts. Cheerful Orangeness...a sunny disposition. Cosmic Orangeness....glowing from within. Orangeitarian food for a day.

Pick one, none or all. Have fun, be fun or be glum. Decide for yourself. Be your own authority. You're menopausal.

Sue Richards

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