Monday, January 30, 2006

My Menopause Blog: The Change

Me thinks we've got it all wrong.

For some reason, women of a certain age are told that we are about to go through The Change implying that the change comes on the heels of a period of non-change.

Buying this bucket of bunk makes no sense. Change is and always will be constant.

When I met my new wee 7 pound 7 ounce neighbour, and compared our finger size, I could not help but think of the massive change before her. Heck, let's even consider the massive change she's just gone through. The gal was sperm and egg a mere 9 months ago. Up until Friday, she was inside her mom.

In reality, the new kid on my block is already growing up. Put another way. She is aging, just like me.

Children change daily. I have a door frame where my stepchildren were measured on a monthly basis, marks creeping up the wall to prove their growth. Teenagers sprout hair, new shapes and different pitched voices. Once into our twenties, our independence and social changes are mind blowing. Perhaps our thirties are the decade of least physical change. Most body parts work and energy remains constant, but attitudes shift and needs and wants reform from early, less mature ideals. Then the forties roll in. Energy levels shift again , hair greys, eye sight weakens, joints stiffen, memory gets dodgy, fat accumulates.

A life time of change is behind us, yet, we're told, that 'The Change' is before us.

So what the hell did I just live through? And who is trying to make the future seem ominously different?

Sue Richards

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Leslie, I am the one who wrote a comment about hot flashes that said they sweat out diseases, what a wonderful extra added benefit! There are alot of those,as I am sure you know, during the "change"--and I agree, what a dumb name, we are always changing..that's why I said once it is just another "stage of development' like puberty...the thing is: CHANGE is LIFE! So yea, we are changing, we are LIVING!-Leslie

2/01/2006 04:00:00 AM  

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