Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Menopause Blog: My Kitchen Chair

This is my kitchen chair, occupied by my butt since 1970, the same year I 'became a woman'.

In 1970, the funky Dalamation print that you see was but a dream. Said chair was covered in a dense avocado green poly-toxic material.

For contrasts sake and to bring some tangible evidence to my previously mention love of orange, I keep my chair in my dining room which is painted the colour Pumpkin.

Orange is the colour of creativity and safety. I find this juxtaposition comforting. It takes courage to be creative. How handy that the very colour I most delight in will also help protect me.

My kitchen chair has seen me through my entire reproductive cycle. Although slightly frayed and discoloured, it is as reliable and comfortable now as it first was thirty six years ago.

Same as me.

Sue Richards

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Anonymous leslie said...

Ok, I figured out how to comment without being anonymous I think, yay! I'm the one who wanted to try this but is technically challenged..I am still marvelling at your skills! --and vicariously enjoying meno-blogging thru you and your other links that appear here. Love the chair, I started my period at the end of 1969, I had just turned 12, I am 48 now so we seem to be on the same schedule..also loved your celebratory pink ribbons..wondering,not to be too personal (yet don't we feel free-er TO be just that?)if you had any children in that reproductive time? I have 2 sons...8 and a few days away from 16. As for your dream blog, I wanted to tell you that your dream was so clear to me, and I am not a super-dream-analyst but it was like a Freudian poster child dream, what with the GEOGRAPHY teacher (the map of your life) being able to save you in scary new territory where you feel your body is alien to you...which, by the way, I do think is a really healthy release to have in a dream..because this IS --different alright..not necessarily negative, positive actuallly in more ways than we were raised to believe. Anyway, yea, us dreamers are out here, don't have a good one today, but I've had some doozies--oh wait, I did dream about having a light period last night-wow! (Hasn't been a hint since last Sept.-first time I have experienced this)--well, in honor of you and your blog, I am going to wear some orange today, I know it's the wrong day, but I just read it so here is my nod! Leslie

1/28/2006 02:25:00 PM  
Blogger Sue Richards said...

Hi Leslie, kids here. My sister had 7 which seemed to be plenty for both of us.

Your take on my dream is brilliant. I was all hung up on the idea that I was dreaming about my male Geography teacher to see beyond to the metaphor.And the alien body is pretty spot on. I was doing a trade show this weekend. Must of had 20 hot flashes on Saturday. I could smell myself cooking.

So glad you're digging the blog. Wait til you see the new look....up sometime this week.


1/30/2006 05:42:00 PM  

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